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As a fan of visual novels, I hope people are beginning to see that they can be called video games, and that they're not always about creepily seducing half-naked cat-eared women. I know this might be a very unfair criticism on some levels (after all, free games aren't designed with the intention of being huge games which will be played forever), but I also tend to do this in connection to a game that only has one ending as well, which I feel negates the issue a bit because these are games which are short and which offer little replay value.

The writing is thick enough and strong enough to keep me interested, and the mystery really drove my interest after the romance ran dry on me. I personally disliked most of the characters, and that actually ended up making my enjoyment of the story even stronger.

ES does however hold an edge on the others being the most unique in a couple ways, so even if it stays on the top of my somewhat short "played VN's" list, i wouldn't call it a favorite and opinions change with time. I played some scenes in the dead of night, and I got really creeped out and a little scared because of the music.

According to the walk-through, this is a visual novel in which you have to finish the game multiple times, seven in this case ending up with a different girl each time, to get the true ending”. Neither any of the characters, the narration, or even the display of the name of which character is speaking, ever calls her by anything other than both her names — which is RiffTrax exactly how students always refer to their teachers in Russia.

Game development started in May 2008 based off an image posted to the Russian IIchan imageboard. The reason for this is that the game is bigger than its routes and Semyon gets to find something he likes not in spite of, but because of the camp. Similarly, Sasha, the girl who plays the role of Slavya in the Miku route.

The most classic bad ending has him waking up in his apartment, returning to his old shut-in life, and nothing changing, but I think that actually only happens in one or two routes, and even there, when at first I got a bad ending of that kind (on the Slavya route), I honestly didn't realize it was supposed to be "bad" until the achievement popup notified me. Because even there, the final conclusion of the story was really nice and deep.

However, over time, the game started to distinguish itself from the Ilchan mascots eroge” idea, so the game had its title changed to suit the change in direction, opting for Everlasting Summer. One of the characters in game points this out to her, in an inside joke that went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head.

No matter how good your game is, no one wants to play the same content that many times. I can't complain too much in good spirit because it is a free game and originally started out as a game for forum characters, but, speaking as a critic, this is one of the areas where I would have expected better than I got.

So. Overall, you know, I had a really good time with Everlasting Summer. The standout parts of the game are the adventures on foot, which are designed as text quests, the forerunner genre of visual novels. I played the game in both English and Russian, but you definitely don't have to play in both languages in order to get the full story or anything like that.

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